About us

What is North Devon+


Established in 2008 through the merger of three existing organisations North Devon+ is
a “not for profit” company limited by guarantee. We provide a primary focus for regeneration and business development across northern Devon and the wider area. Our company
objective is:


‘To be the enabler of economic growth for people, businesses and communities in Northern Devon to help them flourish and prosper.’



North Devon+ delivers a credible and competent set of economic development services. We have a good track record of delivery and have built solid relationships with a range of stakeholders, including collaborators and client groups.





How we can help you

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Grants & project support

Support for businesses

Apprenticeships & skills

Find out what support, grants and other funding options are available for your business, community or land-based project.



The advice, support and signposting that we provide make a positive impact in businesses and in turn the economy of North Devon.



Raising the skill level of the North Devon workforce and those entering employment, through the provision of business support and training.




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